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Thanks to the flexibility of our systems there are a lot of challenges waiting for you. The process you will follow will always be the same but with many possible combinations. You will have the seven days that you can see in detail when you continue reading.

The techniques and methods you will be using will be always different ones. Depending on the different phases of your UX Challenge there will be other UX methods available. Everything is about getting you to understand and work through the UX Workflow.

What the UX Challenge is about!

Being a User Experience Designer is about being experienced yourself in the field. The more methods and techniques you have used and the more projects you were working on the easier it is to start working in a company. This is what each UX Challenge is about. Preparing you for your future job and projects.

Christopher Wittmann

Day 1: UX Research

On the first day your task is to gain insights into the users' needs and expectations and other stakeholders' views. The more insights you gain the better it is for you. Techniques or methods used for this phase are doing surveys, expert interviews or a context analysis.

Day 2: Problem Definition

On the second day you will create a problem that you will deal with for this project. To cluster all information from day one you will user different techniques or methods like affinity diagrams, personas or flow charts.

Day 3: Concept Creation

The third day is the first day where you will start working on the first concept or the first solution idea(s). Possible outcomes from this phase can be e.g. a paper prototype, a low-fidelity prototype, wireframes or a video prototype.

Day 4: Concept Evaluation

On the fourth day you will evaluate your first concept from the day before. Be prepared to get some proper feedback from different people. Possible people to talk with on this day are users, UX experts or other stakeholders. The methods or techniques we have planned for this day are e.g. a usability study or an expert review.

Day 5: Concept Adjustments

On the fifth day it is time to collect and analyse all the gained information from the day before. You will be doing a requirements analysis on that day. The resulting requirements are the adjustments that need to be made to the overall concept.

Day 6: Visual Design

The adjustment requirements are then used on the sixth day. On this day you will make the adjustments to the first prototype you created three days ago and create a visual design in one move.

Day 7: Evaluation and Documentation

This is the final day of your UX Challenge. You will be doing another evaluation of your visual design and the adjustments you made to the concept. Once you are done with the evaluation you can do an optional documentation to add this UX Challenge Project to your portfolio.

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